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Schnapsen is a popular card game native to Austria. On the GameTwist platform, it is designed for a minimum of two players. The game requires a high level of concentration and has a number of rules. On the site, it's in the Skill section: you have to play it on Skill-coins. More about the rules of the game later in the article.

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What is Schnapsen?

Schnapsen by GameTwist is a face-to-face game where the goal is to score as many points as possible. To do this, players aim for valuable cards, which will be credited with bonus points. A player wins a round as soon as he scores 66 points. Each card is involved in the calculation: it has a certain face value and value. 

To become a winner in Schnapsen, decisions must be made quickly. Otherwise the other team will quickly beat you. You have to play in pair with other users: consider the cards on the cards and predict the outcome of the deal. 

Rules of the game

There are 24 cards in the deck, going in standard order. Each card is assigned a certain number of points:

  • Ace - 11;
  • Ten - 10;
  • King - 4;
  • Queen - 3;
  • Jack - 2.

Nines are worth nothing. At the beginning of the deal, each player gets 6 cards. Only the winner of the previous round gets the next deal. The loser starts the round. The point of the game is to accumulate bribes - to get such cards from other players whose points total 66. Once a player has accumulated this amount, he wins the round. A game consists of 8 such rounds. 

The suits of the cards do not matter. Any card can be broken by a trump card - it is determined during the deal. Players must bribe and demolish cards based on their ideas of expediency. For example, a jack can be overridden by a ten or queen. Overlapping cards, it is necessary to take into account an important nuance: they must be the same suit. 

The first move is made by the player who previously took a bribe. He also first takes a card from the deck. As soon as the deck ends, the suits come into effect: a trump must be placed on the trump. Any player can declare the deck closed if there are at least 5 cards left in it. More often than not, gamers do this in order to gain 66 points from their cards. 

The player who took the bribe last gets an additional 10 points. If the player closes the deck but still does not get 66 points, the winnings are credited to his partner. The game can be declared a draw. This happens in the event that during the round none of the players failed to score 66 points. In the next deal it will not be possible to gain points. 

At first glance, the rules of Schnapsen seem to be too complicated. All doubts and questions are dispelled after the first game. If during the distribution of any questions, you can always ask for help from other gamers or read the description on the page with the game. 

Chances of winning at Schnapsen

Win a card game like Schnapsen can every user - the chances of winning are equal. The probability of winning depends primarily on the player: whether he knows how to count cards, how he selects cards for tricks, whether he counts the gained points. Luck is also important: the first deal of the card sets the "mood" of the game.

There are no special strategies for increasing the chances of winning in Schnapsen. Instead, users need to rely only on themselves. If you understand all the rules and nuances of the game, it will be much easier to win a round or even the whole game.