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One of the most popular skill games on GameTwist is Belote. It is a simple French game presented in a variety of variations. Up to 4 participants or two paired teams can play Belote at the same time. Be sure to consider the rules and strategies of the game - it increases the chances of winning.

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What is Belote?

Belote is a 4-person French card game. You can score points and win the game using a variety of techniques. The team that manages to be the first to score 300 points or more wins. Each card is assigned a certain number of points. This should be taken into account gamers. In one deal you can get no more than 10 points, so the party may consist of several rounds. 

Rules of the game in Belote

After starting Belote by GameTwist, you need to choose a deck motif - France (modern or classic) or Germany. The rules of the game can be formed briefly:

  1. Each team strives to collect maximum points faster than their opponents.
  2. At the beginning of the game, the dealer deals the cards - in the direction from left to right. 
  3. Players are dealt 5 cards per turn and one card is set as a trump card.
  4. Players take turns picking cards to get the trump suit. A turn can be skipped, in which case the trump suit changes.
  5. No more than 8 cards can be drawn in a single hand.
  6. "Belote" is commonly referred to as a combination of a queen and a king of the trump suit. For these, 20 points are given at once. 

Points are awarded for each card in hand. Points of two players from the same team are added up. The game ends when one of the teams scores a set maximum of points. One game can consist of a maximum of 10 rounds. If a round ends in a draw, no points are burned. 

How do I win at Belote?

Winning in Belote depends a lot on the cards that are dealt. Each card has a specific value, which also needs to be taken into account:

  • Ace - 11 points;
  • Ten - 10 points;
  • King - 4 points;
  • Queen - 3 points;
  • Jack - 2 points.

Cards 9, 8, and 7 have no value, but the situation changes if they become trump cards. In this case the face value of the Jack becomes 20 points, and the nine becomes 14 points. Every card in hand is counted when calculating points.