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Among GameTwist users bingo is in great demand. It's easy explain it: the rules of the game are simple, the cells with numbers are crossed out automatically, and everyone has a chance to win. The advantage is also the fact that you can play bingo for twists.

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What is bingo?

Bingo is a popular board game. It involves a few basic rules:

  • 75 balls are used in the game;
  • the numbers are announced by the host, in the online version the program;
  • a standard ticket contains 25 cells in a 5x5 square;
  • each ticket may contain a variety of numbers;
  • after each number, the numbers in the ticket are crossed out automatically;
  • to win it is necessary to collect the given combination.

The winner of the game is the user who first collects the "Bingo" - crossing out the entire ticket. Increase your chances of winning by purchasing several tickets at once. Immediately after the results of the game are announced, a new round of tickets begins. 

What types of bingo does GameTwist offer?

There are several types of bingo available at GameTwist. They are distributed according to the number of balls:

  1. 50 balls. The short version of the game, the ticket has 5 rows and columns. Bingo is collected very quickly.
  2. 60 balls. The ticket is similar to the previous type, but contains only 16 numbers, 4 rows and 4 columns. 
  3. 75 balls. A common variant of the game, popular in the United States. The ticket has certain features: an empty square in the center, 5 rows and 5 columns, 24 numbers in total. Each of the columns begins with a letter of the word "bingo," making it easy to find the numbers.
  4. 90 balls. A popular form of bingo in the United Kingdom. The ticket has three rows of 9 cells, and in each row of 5 numbers. 

More balls in the ticket, the higher the chances of winning. You should also keep in mind that bingo is a game where winning depends mostly on luck. 

Where to play bingo for real money?

GameTwist provides the opportunity to play bingo for free, with twists (virtual currency). The board game is also presented in many casinos. Regardless of the chosen site, you need to register and make a deposit to start playing for money. 

After starting the game, you need to specify the amount that will constitute the bankroll for the game - from 50 twists. You also need to select the number of cards with cells. Immediately after starting the "reels", the numbers will be crossed out in the ticket on their own. If you manage to collect "bingo", the winnings will be automatically credited to the account.